Is There Such a Thing as a Free Debt Consolidation Company?

Consumers desperate for help with their debt are often confused when researching ways to get help. Turning to a debt cashconsideration company can be a viable option for help but many consumers are surprised to learn that the help they seek is not free. When consumers struggle with debt, the last thing they can afford to do is pay more money for help. Seeking a free debt consolidation company isn’t impossible but it takes an effort.

Consumers may get confused with the term “non-profit”. Many non-profit agencies actually do charge fees to help settle your debt just like the for-proft companies will. Consumers who do not ask about the fees directly or who don’t read over the terms and conditions of the agreement they sign are often shocked at the amount of expense they are required to pay for debt assistance. For people who are really struggling with cash, there are legitimate consolidation companies that do not charge a fee for help. But don’t be fooled. These companies may not charge the fee to you directly but know that they will get paid somehow. Some companies will charge the creditor a fee for obtaining a payment in full from the consumer. Others may get their money through higher interest rates from a consolidation loan. At any rate, consumers should understand that most things are not entirely free.

Do Your Research Thoroughly
You can find information about debt consolidation companies in your area through the phone book but you may get more in-depth information from the internet. There is an increasingly large amount of websites that review debt consolidation companies from personal experience. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau for more information.

The key to your success at finding help that does not cost you additional money or hidden fees is to do your homework. Contact the companies that advertise ‘no consumer fees’ and ask explicit questions about how they make their profits. Before signing any agreements with a company, read the document thoroughly to make sure fees or limited conditions are not included. Ask for explanations about terms or phrases you do not understand. In addition to reading reviews from actual customers, you can also ask for referrals from family, friends, and co-workers. Keep in mind that some people may be uncomfortable telling people about their personal debt issues.

The only sure way to not pay for debt help is to work through the process yourself. It can be a tedious process but one that does not require the assistance of an “expert”. You need to be organized and consistent about your efforts to resolve your debt issues. Contact your creditors and negotiate a reasonable payment plan you can both agree to work with to pay off the balance due. You may find that most creditors in general are happy to work with you. It is in their best interest that they get some of their money back, rather than risk you filing for bankruptcy and losing everything.

Don’t Settle
Debt consolidation companies can be persistent. Often you will find them making promises that they can do things better than the rest. The reality is there are rules and regulations in place for debt consolidation and while each company may operate differently in their methods and contract terms, no one company can perform miracles. You will need to find the right company for you. If you feel uncomfortable with the information the company provides or have a gut feeling something is not on the up and up, move on to a new company until you find one you trust and have confidence in.

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