If you've ever defaulted on a loan, you know that debt collectors can be a nasty bunch.

Never Say These Things to a Debt Collector

You’re behind on your bills and the phone rings. It’s the worst sound in the world. Most in this situation know that answering the phone means dealing with nasty debt collectors, all hoping to taunt, tease, curse or trick people into paying debts they can’t possibly cover on the meager amount of money they bring […]

Top 5 Dirty Tricks Debt Collectors Use

Debt collectors have a vested interest in the money they get you to pay on your debts. Collecting this money is how debt collectors make their own money so it should not be surprising to find that they will sometimes use tactics that are considered ‘dirty’ tricks to get you to pay up. Even when […]

How To Stop Wage Garnishment

A wage garnishment can be a financially devastating issue. It stems from a debtor not being able to make good on a debt they owe and as a result the creditor pursues further action including lawsuits and wage garnishments. A wage garnishment is a legal directive that requires your employer to send a portion of […]

How to Make Collection Companies Stop Calling

You’re enjoying a pleasant dinner with your family, and the phone starts to ring. Before you even pick up the receiver, your heart starts pounding and your blood pressure begins to spike. Why? You know the caller is about to ask you to pay a debt that isn’t yours. Perhaps you have the same name […]

Debt Collectors are Becoming More Aggressive

In today’s turbulent economic times, debt collectors are becoming more aggressive than ever before. Anyone who has fallen behind on credit card debt, medical bills or a home mortgage knows that unsettling feeling of hearing the phone ring at dinner or seeing a 1-800 number appear on the caller ID. Consumers Have Rights Unfortunately, many […]

Negotiation Tactics for Debt Collectors

Dealing with a debt collector can be a harrowing experience especially if you continue to ignore their calls, their letters, and other efforts to collect on debts you owe. While there have been stricter regulations about how debt collectors can work, they are still within their legal rights to work on getting back the money […]

New FTC Rules on Debt Collection For Deceased Debtors

The Federal Trade Commission has received so many complaints regarding the collection practices of debt collectors who are working to collect unpaid balances from the deceased has necessitated that new guidelines be established to prevent the continuation of deceptive collection practices. When a person passes away and leaves outstanding debt, it is often the deceased’s […]

What Is the Statute Of Limitations On Debt

Debt has several rules including how long creditors and collectors can pursue their debts. This expiration of debt is known as the statute of limitations and it can be a confusing concept for many consumers struggling with debt. Understanding the Statute of Limitations on Debt The statue of limitations on debt essentially put a deadline […]

Will Stopping Collection Calls Make Things Worse?

As a consumer, you have certain rights according to the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act (FDCPA) when it comes to creditor collections. There are rules debt collectors and creditors must follow when attempting to collect debt balances from you. Essentially you do not have to tolerate harassment or threats from those trying to get money […]

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act- Is It Working?

Many consumers have managed to survive the recession and weak economy in the last few years, however most have done so with a struggle. Individuals who previously had no experience with debt collectors and their antics may have been surprised by the tactics used to collect delinquent payments. While many consumers are back on their […]