Merge your debts and get a lower payment, lower interest rate and some peace of mind.

Debt Settlement vs Debt Consolidation

Consolidate debt or Negotiate a Settlement? Learn the differences between each of these debt management options and which is best for your situation As more and more consumers end up with huge amounts fo credit card debt with poor credit scores, many wonder whether they should join a debt management program. The real question is: […]

Student Loan Debt Consolidation

Making the move to consolidate your student loan debt can reduce your payments and free up cash. For those that have student loans like a Stafford or Perkins Loan, a student loan consolidation program may offer you several benefits. This type of consolidation loan works much like other consolidation programs. The loan, or loans, is paid off […]

Debt Consolidation Loans – Your Ticket Out?

There’s a couple to different types of consolidation loans – learn which may fit your situation best. A debt consolidation loan is a new loan you obtain to pay off various debts you have. A debt consolidation loan is usually acquired from a private lender and qualification may depend on your credit score, income and […]

The Scoop on Student Loan Refinancing

Student loan refinancing can save you a bundle of money and help to improve your cash flow and your credit. Refinancing your student loan is an opportunity for you to take the student loans that you have and reorganize them into a loan with a much better interest rate and/or a more affordable payment. Like […]

Can I Get A Government Loan For Debt Management?

There are a lot of resources available for debt assistance but there are also a lot of misconceptions about how that assistance is available. Government assistance is available for many things but despite reports to the contrary, there are no loans available from the government for consumers to pay off debt. Where the Misconceptions Originate […]

Why Consolidating Credit Card Debt May Be Your Best Option

Credit card debt can be a vicious cycle that can be difficult to conquer if you keep doing things the same way. Effectively eliminating credit card debt may require alternative methods for making good on your debts. Some consumer will resort to debt elimination programs that are costly and complex. Others will work with a […]

When it Doesn’t Make Sense to Pay With Credit Cards

Credit cards give people the ability to make payments over a longer period of time, which can be useful in many situations. If you are faced with expenses you don’t have the cash to pay for, it’s natural for many people to reach for their credit card – but there are some expenses which don’t […]

Smart Ways To Consolidate Debt

The road to debt free living is filled with obstacles that often seem impossible to overcome. Trying to repay past and current debts while at the same time saving money to prevent future indebtedness is a challenge that many people find overwhelming. To reach your goal and eliminate high interest debt that threatens your financial […]

Be Wary of Personal Loan Opportunities When You’re in Debt

For those who want to make a dent in their debts, a personal loan may seem like the deal way to secure money and get ahead with your finances. While the theory may sound right, the logic is just not that simple. Personal loans can give you needed money but the high price you pay […]

Tips for More Successful Debt Negotiations With Your Creditors

You have the power to negotiate the elimination of your debts. The negotiation process involves contact your creditors directly and working out a more viable payment arrangement if you are unable to meet the current financial demands of your creditors. Many consumers make the mistake of relying on a third-party agency to do the negotiations […]