Best Online Cashback Programs

One of the advantages of the online world is the availability of great shopping deals.  When you combine a deal with a cashback program, you have a winning combination that just can’t be beat.

What IS an Online Cashback Program?

A cashback program is a kind of rebate program that is offered through certain websites.  The shopping site owners earn a kind of commission for directing buyers (you!) to their products, and they pass on some of that commission in the form of a cashback check.  All you need to do is sign up for a free membership and start shopping at the stores on the site.  Most of these cashback shopping sites also pay you a small commission on each referral that signs up under you as well.

A Few of the Most Popular Cashback Websites

While there are quite a few online cashback shopping sites, not too many are new.  Several have been operating since the mid 1990s and have a large variety of retailers to choose from.  You will want to be sure and do a little digging to find the sites that offer the kinds of stores you most shop at, as well as compare their layouts, refund policies and cashback policies.  Be sure you understand the Terms and Conditions before signing up so that you know how the program works.

The previous frontrunner for the most popular program like this was the Bing Cashback program.  They are discontinuing the program as of July 30, 2010 although they are somewhat ambiguous about why they are discontinuing and what kind of program they may offer in its place.  Regardless, here are 3 really great programs that are worth a look.

  1. is one of the longest running cashback programs online.  It boasts hundreds of retailers and many categories of items.  Of course, the membership if free and it has a “Refer-a-Friend” incentive of $5 per registering referral.
  2. is another well established cashback program with many retailers to choose from.  It has an easy to navigate interface and eBay deals of the day.  You can get your cashback rebate via a PayPal deposit or credited to a Big Crumbs credit card.
  3. is pretty similar to the other sites with the referral incentive being the main difference.  When a referral signs up as a member, you get a percentage of all the purchases they make as well.  The best part is that the referral commission has no time limit, meaning that as long as they continue to shop online, you will get your check!

Will you get rich off of this list of the best online cashback programs? Probably not, however, if you do any kind of shopping online, why not sign up and get some cash back?  It is also a good idea to sign up at more than one of these sites and then compare the deals.  Free shipping at one site may be worth more than a percentage back, so be sure to compare offers before you buy to get the best deal.  Happy shopping!


  1. I use Ebates, Mr Rebates, and Big Crumbs. All three offer referral programs where you can earn cash back when people whom you refer shop online. Big Crumbs offers a % of the referral purchase, Mr Rebates offers 20% of the cashback that your referral receives, and Ebates offers a straight $5 when your referral makes their first cash back purchase. Honestly, I receive more money from my referrals then I do from my actual cash back purchases. Ebates just paid me $94.93, and $80 of that was from referrals.

    I compare all three sites before I make a cash back purchase, but have found that for the most part Mr Rebates offers the highest cash back for the stores I shop at. However, Big Crumbs offers the best cash back for Best, a popular big ticket store.

  2. I think it is so funny that the spokesperson made the bald-faced claim that no other program offers referral cashback, when Kim has opened my eyes to 3 such programs above and I already knew about Lyoness and Greenbackstreet.

    I also like how she is attesting to the power of a network of shoppers over personal savings — well over 70% of her earnings came from her network as opposed to her.

    For maximum leverage of a team of shoppers. Lyoness is the most solid program I have seen.

  3. Allison Kovacevic says:

    I would like to clarify the cashback program. is now Along with the merger with, is the incorporation of a price comparison web site that finds you the best deals and a better cashback incentives including cashback from your favorite stores there is cashback for Travel, Music Downloads, Website building/computer tech help, Weigh Loss Management and Auctions. They also have their own line of high quality products which pays cashback. You also get cashback for referrals of ½% of the referrals cashback and whoever they signup with. See for yourself at

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