Your Credit Score is low? Dispute wrong items on your report and learn about the things you can do to bring your score up to where it should be.

How to Improve Your Credit During the Holidays

The holidays often involve a lot of chaos, stress, and absent-mindedness. They also involve a lot more spending than you or your budget is used to in a year. As many consumers are still apt to wait until the last minute, financial decisions during this time are not always contemplated as carefully as they should […]

Pay Bill Balances Before Due Date To Improve Credit Status

One of the important factors of establishing and maintaining a great credit score is based on how you pay your bills. Late payments will certainly have a negative effect on your credit status because it reflects to other lenders that you have difficulties meeting your monthly payment obligations. This does not sit well with people […]

Better Credit In 5 Steps

Most consumers understand the importance of having good credit. Your credit score and history are considered in several aspects of your life. Those with a higher score are rewarded with better interest rates while those with bad credit struggle to find a lender willing to extend credit. Beyond your financial life, your credit history may […]

Tips to Increase Your Credit Score

With so many defaults crippling companies, those seeking credit or loan approval need to step up their game and come to the table with all of their financial ducks in a row. A low credit score indicates a red flag for risk, meaning historically the consumer may not have paid bills on time or have […]

Credit Repair After A Financial Hardship

A financial hardship can do major damage to your credit score. With lenders today offering the best loan terms to individuals with a credit score of 740 and up, having bad credit will seriously limit your options when it comes to borrowing money. Fortunately bad credit can be repaired if you understand the scoring system […]

Manage Your Credit Cards To Improve Credit Score

Credit cards have been painted in a bad light in recent years, however the fact remains that most consumers are simply not in a position to live a cash-only lifestyle. This does not mean however that you have to continue to allow credit cards to dictate your financial future. In fact, it is more important […]

How Fast Can Your Fix A Bad Credit Score?

Before the recession chaos through most people for a loop, people didn’t seem as concerned about their credit scores unless they suspected foul play or they were looking for a new line of credit. Just a few years ago, lenders were willing to give money pretty regularly to anyone who had a credit score of […]

Fix Your Credit Score

Your credit score is more important today than ever before. Most consumers understand that their credit score plays an integral role in many aspects of their life. The higher your score, the more opportunities for credit and financing. Conversely having a low credit score will at best result in higher interest rates and less favorable […]

Credit Repair Scams- Don’t Take The Bait

There are millions of people who have been affected by the recession. As consumers work to get their finances back on track, the prospect of dealing with credit repair can seem a bit overwhelming. There are companies out there that know how frustrating the process can be and offer services to consumers who want help repairing […]

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Raise Your Credit Score

As the nation is becoming more conscious of the importance a credit score means to their financial stability and options when it comes to financing, credit score improvement is a topic every consumer should be aware of and an activity to be working towards. People are realizing that its not just them having trouble paying […]