Credit cards are like guns, they can be used for good and for evil. Choose wisely!

7 Secrets Credit Card Companies are Keeping From You

Credit cards can be convenient and give you some perks and for many of people, have become an essential part of their lives.  But the little bit of green you may get in rewards  doesn’t compare to the green that the credit card company is making off of you. Regardless of your situation, whether you […]

How to Prepare for January’s Credit Card Bill

As is often the case after the holidays, credit card holders are little prepared to deal with the credit card bills they get in the mail come January. While it is better to prepare well ahead of time for holiday spending, there are some tips to help you survive your credit card bills during the […]

How to Get Your Annual Fee Waived on Your Credit Card

If you have a credit card with a high annual fee, you may be trying to decide whether or not you should cancel the card. Instead of canceling the card entirely, maybe you should try to get the annual fee waived on your credit card. If you really want to keep your card but don’t […]

Using Balance Transfer Credit Cards Correctly

If you are in the market to save some money then a balance transfer deal is something that you might like to consider. Balance transfer credit cards are designed to give you some relief from other high interest credit cards. They give you a chance to pay down your balance and give you the breathing […]

Is A Spouse Responsible For The Credit Card Debt Of The Other Spouse?

When one spouse holds an individual credit card account and runs up significant credit card debt, they may wonder how this will affect their spouse. In some cases, a husband or a wife will maintain a credit account on their own to keep a private account or to hide excess spending. Whatever the reason for […]

0% Balance Transfers – Are They Worth It?

One way consumers choose to eliminate debt is to evaluate their options using credit cards. A popular choice for this purpose is often balance transfer cards that offer 0% interest for a period of time that allows you to consolidate your existing credit card debt onto the new card. With zero interest, consumers have a […]

How To Calculate Average Daily Balance On A Credit Card

In order to be able to use and pay credit card balances wisely, it is important that cardholders have an understanding of how the actual calculation of average daily balances work. How Average Daily Balance Works The average daily balance of a credit card during a billing cycle, which is usually a 30-day time period is […]

Did You Know That Credit Cards Can Save You Money?

Credit cards are often looked at as being evil or the enemy. For some people, they really can be just that. If you are someone who has no self control when it comes to spending, then you may want to steer clear from credit cards. Credit cards however, for many people can be a means […]

Credit Cards for People With Bad Credit

It is not impossible for people with bad credit to get a credit card, but careful consideration should be given to any offer before applying for credit. The best terms and conditions are reserved for consumers with good to excellent credit; a reward of sorts for managing credit responsibly in the past. Consumers with bad […]

Tips To Help You Avoid Credit Card Debt

Credit cards are the way that a good majority of Americans pay for their purchases. Each day consumers are solicited with credit card offers through the mail, on television, on the Internet and more. Credit card use has become a way of life in our country and credit cards have helped to contribute to the […]