Your Personal Credit - Master It

Whether you like it or not, your personal credit history, and your credit score, can pretty much run your life.  It can impact your ability to get a job, buy big-ticket items like houses and cars, and can limit your success in life. The bottom line is this, everybody has to play the credit game.

So, how do you find out where you stand? Know your credit score, read your report, and do everything you can to rebuild and repair your credit if your score is low.  Learn how to:

Credit cards can be a useful financial tool, but they can also hurt if you have no self control.  Use prepaid and secured cards to rebuild your credit or use rewards cards if your good at controlling yourself.

How to Hurt Your Credit Score

There are many different ways to hurt your credit score, either intentionally or accidentally. Find out how you can avoid damaging your credit score.

7 Secrets Credit Card Companies are Keeping From You

Credit cards can be convenient and give you some perks and for many of people, have become an essential part of their lives.  But the little bit of green you may get in rewards  doesn’t compare to the green that the credit card company is making off of you. Regardless of your situation, whether you […]

How to Prepare for January’s Credit Card Bill

As is often the case after the holidays, credit card holders are little prepared to deal with the credit card bills they get in the mail come January. While it is better to prepare well ahead of time for holiday spending, there are some tips to help you survive your credit card bills during the […]

Who Can Pull Your Credit Report And Who Can’t?

Are you aware of everyone who can pull your credit report? Many people do not realize that their credit score factors into more than just getting a credit card or a home loan. Any time you apply for credit, the potential lender can get your credit report to determine how risky it is to lend […]

How to Get Your Annual Fee Waived on Your Credit Card

If you have a credit card with a high annual fee, you may be trying to decide whether or not you should cancel the card. Instead of canceling the card entirely, maybe you should try to get the annual fee waived on your credit card. If you really want to keep your card but don’t […]

How to Improve Your Credit During the Holidays

The holidays often involve a lot of chaos, stress, and absent-mindedness. They also involve a lot more spending than you or your budget is used to in a year. As many consumers are still apt to wait until the last minute, financial decisions during this time are not always contemplated as carefully as they should […]

Credit Utilization Ratio and How it Affects Your Credit Score

Your credit utilization ratio is the total of your credit balances divided by the total of your credit limit. If you have credit cards and a revolving loan that make it possible for you to charge $10,000 worth of purchases and you have spent $5,000 – you have a 50% credit utilization ratio. Your credit […]

What is Debt to Credit Ratio and How Does it Affect My Credit Score

What is Debt to Credit Ratio? In simple terms, debt to credit ratio is the amount you owe on a card to the credit limit on that card. For example, if you have a credit card with a $10,000 dollar limit and what you owe on that card is $5,000, you have a debt ratio […]

Will Credit Counseling Hurt My Credit Score?

Credit counseling is just one option for those who are struggling with debt problems and credit issues to find relief and a light at the end of the financial tunnel. However, many consumers will shy away from getting the help credit counseling offers because they fear the process will ruin their credit score. This is […]

Using Balance Transfer Credit Cards Correctly

If you are in the market to save some money then a balance transfer deal is something that you might like to consider. Balance transfer credit cards are designed to give you some relief from other high interest credit cards. They give you a chance to pay down your balance and give you the breathing […]