3 Student Loan Myths Debunked

3 Student Loan Myths Debunked

Compare Bank Fees to Save More of Your Money

When people look for ways to cut back on their spending and get their budget in better order, rarely do they look at every option for saving money available to them. Most will cut out daily spending like morning coffees or gym memberships in order to save a buck. Rarely do they turn to the […]

How to Refinance an Upside Down Auto Loan

It doesn’ take much to bcome underwater on an auto loan. Get tips on how you can refinance your auto and get out of a bad loan.

Car Loan Tips for Subprime Borrowers

Car loans can be expensive, especially for subprime borrowers. Here are a few car loan tips to help you save money.

5 Things to Consider When Borrowing from Family or Friends

When you are experiencing a personal financial crisis and do not have the means to help yourself, you may consider turning to family and friends for help. In some families it may seem like nothing special to ask for money assistance but in other circumstances, a few hundred dollars can come between family members faster […]

Step By Step Guide To Automating Your Savings

Automating your savings is one of the best ways to ensure you get your money into savings. By automating the process, you take yourself out of the equation as the middleman. You don’t have to remember to do anything with your money and reduce the chances that you would take the money to spend elsewhere […]

Step by Step Guide to Changing Banks and Avoiding New Bank Fees

As more banks begin charging customers monthly maintenance fees or debit card usage fees in response to the Durbin Amendment – you may find yourself looking to change banks. It may seem complicated to change banks, but with a little preparation, the transition isn’t as bad as you’re probably anticipating! If your bank is among […]

Use Credit Unions to Rebuild Your Credit

In the interest of good financial practice, it is important for all consumers to do everything they can to keep their credit score in a positive light. Credit scores do not just dictate whether or not you can get a loan. Industries of all kinds are now relying on credit scores to make decisions about […]

5 Banks that Don’t Charge Debit Card Fees

In the wake of Bank of America announcing $5 monthly fees for using debit cards many consumers are searching for new options. BoA is not alone, many big banks are looking for new ways to increase revenue after Federal regulations capped the amount banks can charge merchants. But consumer backlash might force banks to think […]

Best Student Loan Consolidation Services

Consolidating student loans can help your monthly budget by reducing the amount of your student loan obligation. In order to get the best deal for a student loan consolidation, you will need to take the time to find the best deal being offered by a lender. After graduation, it is often difficult for students to […]