American Association of Credit Counselors AACC Review

The American Association of Credit Counselors was founded in 1955, disbanded during the 1980’s but was re-established in 2010. They’ve kept the same core principals of putting consumers first and offering fair and transparent debt solutions for over 55 years. The new American Association of Credit Counselors (AACC) was formed during a meeting held on […] Review is the largest peer to peer lending business, with over 1 billion members and $226 billion in loans since the site launched in 2006. The site was co-founded by Chris Larsen and is backed by the co-founder of Capital One, CompuCredit, Accel Partners, TomorrowVentures, Omidyar Network and Volition Capital. Peer to peer lending allows […]

3 Ways To Keep Your Finances Organized

Organizing your finances is one of the best ways to ensure you are managing your money well.  Keeping a close eye on your money is important in any economy; however this is especially true when the economy takes a turn for the worse.  If organization isn’t your strong point, you may struggle to keep your […]

What is Extreme Couponing?

Thanks to a new series on TLC, just about everyone has heard of “extreme couponing” these days. Extreme couponing is the art of getting hundreds or even thousands of dollars worth of groceries and household goods for next to nothing, through the use of coupons – and the strategic use of sales fliers, stores that […]

How to Settle Debts Yourself

When people find themselves in over their heads in debt and unable to make at least the minimum payment due each month, many turn to a debt settlement company for help reducing the amount they have to pay. Debt settlement companies get fees in exchange for negotiating with your creditors. You can save even more […]

How to Avoid Late Fees (or Get Them Waived)

Not only does your credit score suffer from paying bills late, but late fees are often quite costly. Late fees for credit card payments are often more than the minimum payment itself – and does nothing to help you pay down your debt. Avoiding late fees should be your primary goal, but learning how to […]

What Is Interest Rate Arbitration?

A strategy used to lower interest rates and make it possible to eliminate high interest debt is commonly referred to as interest rate arbitration. Although this process can be used by all consumers, interest rate arbitration is most often used by consumers struggling to make multiple credit card and loan payments each month. By reducing […]

What Is A Zero- Based Budget?

There is very little argument that using a budget can improve your finances. Whether in business or at home, the proper use of a budget is one of the best ways to reach financial goals while maintaining control over your income and expenses. Despite this, many people simply rebel against the idea of using a […]

Best Things To Buy Used

Consumers today are embracing new ways to manage their finances. With an economy that can be described as rocky at best, many people have made the decision to focus on saving more and spending less. One of the best ways to save cash is by knowing when to invest in new products and when you […]

Consolidated Credit Counseling Services Review

Consumers searching for options to eliminate debt and improve personal finances have many options from which to choose. Thousands of articles are available online, offering tips and advice on how to better manage your money. Turn on the television, radio or pick up any publication and you will likely find more information regarding money matters. […]