5 Cheap Dates to Help You Save Money

Couples who make budgets together tend to stay together. When you’re both committed to the same goal, getting out of debt, you become an effective team and you can motivate and inspire one another to stick to your goals and make a difference in your finances. As all couples know, however, spending each night looking […]

5 Signs that You Need Credit Counseling or Debt Settlement Help

Some people can climb out of debt through simple budgeting. They determine how much they spend each month, and then look for ways to cut down on that spending. Savings they find go right toward their debt, and over time, that debt starts to fall. Other people may find that budgeting simply doesn’t provide enough […]

Can An Accountant Save You Money at Tax Time?

Most people face tax time with a bit of anxiety. How much will you owe this year? Did you really take every deduction you could take? Is the IRS going to come knocking because you did something wrong? An accountant can help you overcome some or all of these fears, but that help can come […]

Do You Really Need Dental Insurance?

There’s no doubt that dental insurance can be expensive. Some plans ask you to pay $40 each month, per family member, and those costs can quickly add up and eat away at your budget. Similarly, dental emergencies can also be expensive. If you don’t have insurance and you develop a cavity and you need a […]

6 Ways to Save Money on Halloween

It’s a fact that kids love Halloween. For one night, they can become animals, celebrities, professionals or ghosts, and they can finally accept candy from strangers without being scolded. The young-at-heart can also celebrate by decorating their homes with ghoulish finesse and rewarding obedient children with treats. All of this fun doesn’t come without a […]

Should You Pay Down Your Debt or Save Your Money?

You’ve put together your budget, determining how much you owe each month, how much you owe overall, how much you earn each month and how much you have in savings. If you’re lucky, you’ve found a small pocket of money. Perhaps you’ve discovered a small amount of money each month that you could apply to […]

Making Money, and Staying Safe, With Work-at-Home Projects

If you’ve tallied the budget numbers over and over and you still can’t make the funds match up, you might be tempted to search for an additional job. Putting in a few extra hours here and there truly is a great way to get out of debt and move forward with your financial plans. Working […]

5 Quick Clothing Thrift Store Shopping Tips

When you were flush with cash, you may have walked right past the thrift shops in your area. In fact, you might have turned your nose up at those thrift store shoppers, digging through mountains of clothing in the hopes of finding a gem. If this describes you, it’s time to give thrift stores a […]

Active Debt Company Review

People with more debt than ability to pay often turn to debt settlement companies for help. These companies offer to work directly with your creditors, and they claim they can reduce the overall amount you owe and make it easier for you to take charge of your debt and make progress on paying that debt […]

Pet Vaccines: Can Skipping the Shots Really Save You Money?

Most pet owners dread looking into their mailboxes. They know they’ll see a reminder card from the veterinarian, reminding them to bring in Fido or Fluffy for annual vaccines. If you have more than one pet, you may be drowning in these reminder cards. Run a quick search online, and you’ll see many articles suggesting […]