The Importance of Credit Counseling

Credit counseling involves a one-on-one consultation with a credit expert; a person who understands and can explain the complexities involved in a person’s credit score.  While some people get credit counseling before applying for a credit card or a loan, many others do not.  While this is an individual decision that must be left to […]

How to Hurt Your Credit Score

There are many different ways to hurt your credit score, either intentionally or accidentally. Find out how you can avoid damaging your credit score.

Budgeting With A Baby – Frugal Living With A Newborn

Having a baby can be an expensive time, there are a lot of things you need to buy in preparation, and when the little one arrives there is an extra mouth to feed and clothe. However it doesn’t need to break the bank, and these tips will help keep costs down when you start your family.

3 Student Loan Myths Debunked

3 Student Loan Myths Debunked

How to Refinance an Upside Down Auto Loan

It doesn’ take much to bcome underwater on an auto loan. Get tips on how you can refinance your auto and get out of a bad loan.

How to Make Sure Debts are Paid on Time

Looking for a way to pay off debts in a timely fashion? Look to this article for 4 tips 🙂

Car Loan Tips for Subprime Borrowers

Car loans can be expensive, especially for subprime borrowers. Here are a few car loan tips to help you save money.

Money Saving Tips for Amazon Shoppers

Amazon is a top favorite when it comes to online shopping– with an enormous selection of items, competitive prices, and a name known across the globe–there’s no question as to why it’s so popular. You might think that the money you can save by shopping on Amazon is already built into their reasonable prices, but […]

Can I Really Settle Back Taxes for Pennies on the Dollar?

There are many people who are struggling to keep up with daily living expenses who are also bearing the burden of owning a back tax debt to the IRS. It can be difficult to make it from one paycheck to the next in addition to worrying about satisfying a debt owed to the powerful federal […]

10 Things I Wish I Knew About Managing Money When I was 23

As a person ages he or she has one big advantage over a young person and that is experience. Experience in all things that is, and if you have any sense at all you will have learned from that experience. One of the steepest learning curves most of us will face in life is that […]