Debt Collection and Court Action

Well, here’s another phone call from the debt collection folks and this time they’re threatening legal action.  This legal action – they say – will result in your wages being garnished or collected from your assets. In reality, a debt collection cannot threaten to take you to court.  In fact, the collector is actually violating […]

When Late Fees and Charges Increase Your Debt

How often have you made a purchase or overdrawn your bank account and, when the payment came do, you couldn’t pay the amount owed?  Circumstances change fast, and it’s not surprising that one day we have money and the next day we don’t. When a debt collector finally reaches you, he/she may say you owe $1200 […]

Military Personnel and Debt

Debt collectors – to put it nicely – can sometimes not be nice people.  However, the inexperienced ones have a tendency to learn a little of the centerline when it comes to military personnel. Military personnel – possibly because they move so much – often admit to their disregard or disconnection when it comes to […]

Debt Collection Federal Rules

Debt collection and it’s collectors are regulated by the U.S. Fair Debt and Collection Practices Act (“FDCPA”).  These regulations disallow a collector from “harassing, threatening, and lying” to the person from whom they are attempting to collect a debt.  As too many people have discovered, this is not always or usually the case. What Collectors Cannot […]

Debt Collection Quotas

Having never worked in a debt collection agency, it’s sometimes hard to imagine what really goes on.   In fact, for many it’s a surprise that you are just a number on a wall board (although you sometimes feel more like a criminal). The collector has a daily quota.  Most collection agencies have the big white […]

Debt Collection and Debt Verification

Most people realize that at some point – and it could be years and months – they will be contacted about a debt that has gone unpaid.  This debt moves from the original source (e.g., retailer, credit card company, etc.) to a collection agency and then could bounce from one collection agency to another throughout […]

Debt Settlement Questions

If you feel like you know very little about debt settlement, let alone what you should do when considering this option, these debt settlement questions that are commonly asked may help. Does the company have a web site? You never want to do anything with a business – especially someone you’re putting your trust into […]

Review of

With so many people in debt – either from poor financial management or the recession – digging your way out debt is a major undertaking. has been providing debt relief for over 10 years.  Their focus is on debt settlement and debt consolidation.  Here is what they offer that they claim makes them unique:  “Your support team […]

Free Money for College

Have you looked at the price of a college education lately?  WOW!  With the rates going up, and people’s ability to pay going down, how will you be able to pay for the education you need? Here’s a surprising statistic:  58% of college money comes from loans; 40% comes from grants, and only 2% comes […]

SimpleTuition Review – Student Loan Service

If you’re making plans for college while still in high school, or are thinking about returning to college in your later adult years, figuring out how you’re going to pay for you education can be really tough.  That’s where can help. The greatest benefit this site offers is that it saves you tons of […]