About Leave Debt Behind

Our Mission

Thanks for stopping by!  LeaveDebtBehind.com was started with the purpose of creating a community where people like us, people fighting their way out of debt, can give and take advice on how to escape our debt, live on less, and build more income.

Since there’s lots of practical ways to fix your finances, we have articles written by a variety of people, and our authors write from a deep well of experience and have a passion for communicating practical, insightful, and common-sense truths of personal finance.  As an aside, If you have such a passion, and would like to submit an article for publication on LDB, let us know here.

Escaping Your Debt

Have you ever been in a house fire? a car accident? a violent storm? Hopefully not, as these are all pretty scary situations.  Our first instinct would be to run to safety.  That’s how we should view debt in our lives.  I don’t care who says it, there is no such thing as good debt and we should run away from it as if our lives depended on it.

What kind of freedom can a person in debt experience?

None.You live to pay debt.

Is the person in debt a slave to the lender?

Yes. You live to pay debt.

So the point is to escape your debt at almost any cost.  That includes settling your debt, consolidating your debt or snowballing your debt.  It must go.

If you’re in heavy debt, and I’m not talking here about a manageable mortgage, we want to help you learn to learn ways to escape your debt for good.

What We Live By

Here’s a few basic principles that we attempt to live by here at LDB:

Avoid More Debt

Until you’re out of debt, stop spending money.  Seriously.  Use the 72 hour rule -if you can live 72 hours without it, you don’t need it.  You don’t need that new car. Yours works fine.

Live on Less

Yep.  Its true.  You need to spend less than you make.  An extremely simple principle, but sometimes difficult to follow. Our articles on budgeting and being frugal will help you learn positive habits in order to master this all-important principle.  And you can still have fun while spending less.  Your future will thank you for it.

Make More Money

Who doesn’t want to make a little (or a lot) of extra money.  Whether it’s career advice or learning to start out on your own with your own internet business, you can do it with a little help from thoughtful articles from your friends here at leavedebtbehind.com

There is Hope

Please browse the rest of the site to get some information that will help you get going and beat the debt monster before it consumes you.

Thanks for visiting.

Need to contact us, have an idea or comment, or would like to have an article published on LDB? Get in touch with us here.