Debt Settlement vs. Bankruptcy

There's some BIG differences between bankruptcy and debt settlement. Learn about those differences here and make an informed decision. A growing number of adults become credit card holders every year. Along with that distinction comes a growing number of people racking up giant credit card bills Continue Reading

You’re and Easy Target if you Fall for These Debt Settlement Lies

It seems unfathomable that people would prey on individuals when they are at their lowest.  However it is not only a common practice but one that is growing right now as families are being stretched beyond their limits financially.  An area experiencing rapid growth for scammers is the debt Continue Reading

What is Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement can be a real benefit for those who are saddled with large amounts of high interest credit card debt. This overview will get you started on the basics of debt settlement. In a nutshell, debt settlement (sometimes called debt negotiation) is an aggressive method of debt reduction Continue Reading

My Settlements – Sample Debt Settlement Letters


These debt settlement letters are the written proof that by negotiating a settlement with credit card companies, you free yourself from thousands of dollars of debt. These are real offers of real debt relief! Here are the images of the of settlement letters I have received from our creditors. These Continue Reading

Why Many Debt Relief Programs Fail

While the credit crisis is crippling many businesses, there are a few that are booming right now. Debt consolidation, credit card counseling, and even some banks are cashing in on consumers who have been fighting a losing battle trying to keep up with repayment of their debt. While most of Continue Reading

Should Possible Tax Ramifications Determine if Debt Settlement is Right For You?

Are you considering debt settlement as an option to tackle an ever increasing amount of debt? If your best attempts to maintain minimum payments and keep your credit score out of the dump are failing and you feel you are running out of options, debt settlement can provide a road to real debt relief. Continue Reading

Why Getting An Income Tax Refund May Not Be The Best Use of Your Money

The holiday rush has come and gone and most of us are settling back into our normal routines as the new year moves forward. Tax season is upon us and for many individuals who look forward to a check from Uncle Sam it can be a much anticipated time of year. Are you one of the lucky individuals Continue Reading

Squeezing Your Paycheck for Every Drop

Having trouble making ends meet? It is something not a lot of people thought they would have trouble doing but with a tough economy and many jobs not keeping up with inflation, it seems that finding ways to stretch the income you do earn is key to survival. Whether you get paid weekly, bi-weekly, Continue Reading

What To Do When Your Kids Are Struggling With Debt

Parenting can be on of the most difficult yet rewarding task of you entire life. It is never easy to see your kids struggling with anything, least of all debt. But what happens when just that situation arises and you feel obligated to help your children deal with their financial mistakes. Here Continue Reading

5 Simple Tips for Breaking the Cycle of Debt

You've been working on a plan to get debt free but have you considered what you need to do to stop the cycle of debt from repeating itself. Once you have done the necessary work to regain control of your finances, you need to continue to work on staying debt free. Here are some more tips for Continue Reading